Top Students in December for AmeriCorps Service

Congratulations to Emerald Ambrose and Jeremiah Jefferson from Cohort 6 on completing the most AmeriCorps hours in the month of December for each of their career fields!

Emerald, in Healthcare, completed 105 hours throughout December, with 83 of those hours coming from her going above and beyond volunteering over a two-week period on her Christmas break at the Good Samaritan Hospital. We received feedback from the Volunteer coordinator at the Hospital, Ms. Alexis, that Emerald, as well as a few other ladies that volunteer there, “…are a great group of kids! We appreciate their help, thank you for sending them.”

Jeremiah, in Construction, completed 78 hours throughout December. His construction supervisor Mr. Guy applauded him for always being dependable and accountable: “ Jeremiah always shows up and comes on time no matter what.” Jeremiah also always has a good attitude and has been very driven and coachable each day in the program.

Congratulations again to both Emerald and Jeremiah!! We’re proud of you, keep up the good work!