Here at County Corp, we work hard to improve our community by striving to provide affordable housing to those who need it the most. That means we build new homes, update existing homes, work with developers to build affordable housing, and much more.

County Corp is the private non-profit development corporation for Montgomery County. The mission of County Corp is to improve our greater Dayton-Montgomery County community by offering affordable housing and economic programs for residents and small businesses. Our Vision is to be the premier provider of programs that create safe, stable neighborhoods and successful small businesses.

County Corp grew out of the need for Montgomery County to actively participate in affordable housing and economic development. In 1978, the Board of County Commissioners and their staff pursued the concept of a non-profit that could do development work prohibited to an Ohio county under the Ohio Revised Code. Incorporation approval from the Ohio Attorney General on December 17, 1979, made County Corp the first housing and economic development non-profit in any Ohio county. We opened for business on April 1, 1980.