To qualify for the Northwest Home Improvement Loan Program, you must:

  • Pay a $25 application fee by check or money order
  • Own and live in a one-or-two-unit property inside the qualifying Northwest Neighborhood
  • Provide a completed application (and all required documents and meet all program eligibility guidelines)
  • Be current on property taxes or on a payment plan that is current


Program Eligibility

Income Limit No Income Limit.

Application Fee $25 (check or money order)

Loan Purpose, Type and Term Up to $10,000 for exterior and/or interior health and safety repairs. Accessibility modifications needed to remove mobility barriers such as: grab bars, widening doorways, exterior ramps, roll in showers, modified commodes and vanities. Lift chairs and elevators not eligible. County Corp Construction Manager to determine whether requested repairs are within the scope of the program. Loan is forgivable over five years at twenty percent (20%) of the loan amount per year, if primary residency is maintained over five years, deed is not transferred and mortgage is not refinanced.

Property Status Property taxes must be current or owner on a payment plan that is current. Homeowners insurance must be in place at time of application. If property has code violations from the City of Dayton, funds must be used to remedy those problems first before other repairs are considered.

Occupancy & Property Type One- or two-unit owner occupied primary residence in Northwest Dayton area defined on map of qualifying areas.

Bids County Corp will assist the homeowner in writing a scope of work for the repairs and soliciting three contract bids.

Deed Restriction filing fee will be included in the loan; current fee $50, subject to change with County Recorder fee changes.

Construction County Corp staff will monitor the rehabilitation work along with the homeowner to ensure quality results.

Closeout County Corp staff will conduct final inspection and ensure that work has been completed according to the signed contract and will make payment(s) to contractor(s).

Funds are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You will need to meet all program guidelines.