Who We Are

County Corp grew out of the need for Montgomery County to actively participate in affordable housing and economic development. In 1978, the Board of County Commissioners and their staff pursued the concept of a non-profit that could do development work prohibited to an Ohio county under the Ohio Revised Code.

Incorporated on December 17, 1979, County Corp became the first housing and economic development non-profit in any Ohio county.
In 1982, the establishment of the business lending corporation that became known as County Corp Development, brought additional capacity to assist area small businesses with funding as they made investments resulting in job creation and or retention for the area.  In 2012, all small business lending programs of County Corp and County Corp Development became known as "BizCap, a program of County Corp and County Corp Development."
Over the years County Corp has added programs, resources and increased its effectiveness to deliver the affordable housing programs needed for our community residents and businesses.  In 2012, all affordable housing programs of County Corp and HomeStart, Inc. have been re-branded as "The Housing Source, a program of County Corp and HomeStart, Inc."
Click BizCap to go to the website detailing the programming now available for small businesses.
Click The Housing Source to go to the website describing the affordable housing programming available from County Corp and HomeStart, inc.